Immature Tawny Eagle

In the past years, intense bird-watching and listings have brought to light that there are some 550 species of birds in Botswana and have been recorded and accepted in the National Bird List. This list includes a number of rare vagrants, which are seen every now and again. In addition to the National list, there is also a shadow list, of birds known to occur close to Botswana's borders in neighboring territories, which can logically be expected to occur in Botswana from time to time.

Botswana is a country of varied natural bird habitats and although some species occur in almost all of them, certain species only occur in their own habitats. Here are a few examples to wet your appetite.

Central Kalahari - tree and bush savannah-some species: Ostrich, Kori Bustard, Black Korhaan, Caspian Plover, Black-crested Prinia, Scaly-feathered Finch, Sabota, Gabar and Pale-chanting Goshawks and more.

Nxai Pan - Bush and palm savannah - some species: Palm swifts and red-necked falcons, three-streaked and black-crowned tchagras, ant-eating chat, lilac-breasted roller, plum-coloured and Cape glossy Starlings and more.

Okavango Delta - Lagoons, Aquatic grasslands with fringes of riparian forests - some species: Many species of Heron, including the Slaty egret and little Bittern. Pell's fishing owl, Open-billed and Saddle-billed Storks abound as well as long-toed Plovers, various Ducks and Geese, including the Pygmy goose and more.

Moremi - Here we have lots of water from the Delta and find a huge variety of water-birds, raptors, vultures and "normal" birds. Big forest areas, dry, sandy areas and aquatic grasslands, a feast for birders and birds alike.

So, if birds are your passion and the feather in your hat, contact us to add to your list of "lifers". We have accredited birding guides on board and they will try their utmost to show you what Botswana has on offer. So rustle some like-minded friends together and add some new species onto your international birding list.

Francolin and baby Wattled Cranes Kori Bustard in mating plumes Blacksmith Plover
Yellow billed Storks